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  • Restoration Measures from 2012 through 2017

    A huge amount of rubbish (one dozen containers) together with special waste and scrap had been disposed of.
    About 50

  • State and Use before starting the Restoration

    After his mother died in 1977, the last owner of the mill managed the farm until he passed away at

  • Objectives Achieved


    Due to the careful restoration of the monument ensemble, the authenticity and historical values have been preserved to the greatest

  • Historical Origins


    The historical rigins of the Karoxbostel Watermill, first documentarily mentioned in 1438, have been recorded in detail and very well.

  • „My Mill“- the Mill Rescuer

    The water mill Karoxbostel project shows how honorary members achieved to renovate a building applying high standards. Non-professionals are trained

  • Restoration Costs and Financing

    In total € 488.100 of funds were raised and invested to restore the main building, the watermill, the sawmill, to reinstate

  • Historical, cultural, environmental, educational and social value

    The special historic significance is based on its uniqueness as a regional building monument. With the completion of the ensemble and

  • Wide Variety of Offers for the Region

    The cultural-historic jewel is open for all interested individuals and parties for collaborative work, sightseeing, cultural events, projects of nature and

  • The Water Mill Karoxbostel Project and its Objectives


    At the beginning the Wassermühle Karoxbostel project was of limited local importance. The initiators were local people from neighbouring villages.

  • The History of the Water Mill Karoxbostel

    The monument ensemble Wassermühle Karoxbostel is a cultural historic jewel in the Hamburg metropolitan region. It consists of the main

  • Significance of Mills

    For centuries, mills in the whole of Europe have been places where people of different origins come together.

    In their diversity,

  • Opening Hours

    The Watermill is open all-the-year for visitors and visitor groups. It participates actively in the annual „German Mill Day”, „Monument Open

  • Restructuring and Restoration

    Due to the extremely bad state of repair and to prevent the complete loss of the ensemble the restoration works had